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I'm Nikki and I live in Texas with my hottie of a husband and our golden retreiver. I graduated from The University of Texas and was a former White House Intern (not for Clinton). I love Southern food, cowboys, and happy hour with the girls. Some day we want children, but right now we enjoy our home just the way it is...quiet.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Holiday of Dealing with the In-Laws

Dont get me wrong, I love my husbands family, but sometimes they have a tendency to get under my skin. Take Thursday for example. I was sitting with his parents in my garage on Thanksgiving day, drinking wine and having nice conversation. His Dad asked me what I was getting my husband this year for Christmas. I told him that I was thinking of buying him a stainless steel gas grill. We only have charcoal, which prevents us from using it during the week because it takes so damn long. On Saturday I get a phone call from my father in law saying he was at Academy buying a gas grill for my husband for Christmas.

Thanks for stealing the only gift I had in mind. Oh and one more thing...I've just been informed that we are on his shit list for not putting up Christmas lights on the house this year. Wonderful! and for a moment there I was wondering how I could go on living.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Dog's Life

Today the pretty girl went to the Doggie Day Spa for a day of pampering, bathing, grooming, manicure, and the oh-so embarrassing anal extraction.

I hope she enjoy's her day at the spa, and I cant wait to pick her up this evening.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

On the Menu

Tonight, its homemade Chicken 'n Dumplings and cornbread. All we need now is a little cold weather. I'm so tired of all this heat. It's supposed to get back into the 90's this week.

I think I'm ready to move somewhere that has 4 seasons instead of 1 or 2.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Why I married a Redneck?

My husband and I could not be any more different. A lot of times we are able to laugh at our differences, and other times we just get plain annoyed. Today is one of those times I'm annoyed. All week, my husband has mentioned going over to his boss's house to spend the day on his ranch...feeding cows and riding horses. Sounds like fun right...errr everything except for the feeding cows part. They make me a little nervous. So hubby calls today and says that we are for sure going and will leave the house at 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning. *cough* ummm...what time? Well, as loud and tempermental as I am, I came back with a big HELZ NO! My weekends are meant for sleeping. I cant even get up for work 5 days a week by 7:00 a.m. I've been sick for over a month, I took off yesterday to stay home sick for the first time since getting this illness, which I'm slowly getting over, and he wants me up and out the door by 6:30!!! I had to laugh in his face. What is it with the rednecks and their early morning hours? The cows can wait. My husband will get up at 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. to go watch (note how I didnt say shoot) the deer out on the lease with his best bud. DORKS! Okay, that was harsh, but get a life. You cant shoot them til hunting season, so you are going to watch them. Yeah, makes total sense to me.

Anyway, sleeping late makes him mad because it makes him feel lazy. Well, for me, its not lazy, its very much needed. This is one trip of many he will be making alone. Who wants to wake up to a big fat cow anyway? HA!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Myspace Whore

Maybe one day I will blog again, but for now, myspace is my favorite new obsession.

Friday, July 07, 2006


There is nothing more aggravating in this world than going to the grocery store. I had to go last weekend because the house was empty of food, and it made me realize that I can barely stand to be in there. I give everyone the dirty look, yes, if you are in my way you get the dirty look and a sigh. Mostly its men wondering around the store aimlessly trying to find whatever the hell their wife sent them for in the first place. Then there are always a few obese people who would rather ride in the electric cart than walk. They usually are riding so slow that six of us with shopping carts are trying to get around. But the worst part of all is the check out line. I am a super anal person and there are a few things that I just cant deal with. My husband loves to tease me about this, doing what he can to aggravate me. Ripping paper out of a spiral note book or writing on a folder without the use of a label are two big no no's. But at the store, its the sackers at the check out line. Having somewhat of a good customer service skill, they like to assist in unloading the cart, and this is the point where I could have a meltdown. Items from the cart should be unloaded in the following order: Heavy items first, such as milk, sodas, bottled water, cat litter, detergent. Next are the boxed items like frozen dinners, pizzas, crackers, cereal, etc. After that comes the canned goods, then all the meats, then produce, then bathroom and/or cleaning items, and finally finishing with breads, chips, and eggs. The purpose of unloading the cart this way is so that items such as bread and chips are not smashed on their way down to the sacker, or placed in the bottom of the bag. If the groceries are organized, then they will be sacked together, therefore making it easier on me when I have to carry them all in from the car and put them away myself. Lately, every time I'm at the store, the sacker comes running up to my buggy to unload it and why oh why do they always reach for the bread and chips first???? I just want to yell..."Get back!" and swat them with a newspaper.

End rant.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Snap It...Scrap It!

I finally got a digital camera this past weekend. Its nothing special, just a little Cannon, but I promise I will start posting pictures for you guys. I know, I know, its 2006 and I just got a digital, but hey, I know people who still don't have cell don't judge me too harshly. We bought it for our summer vacations so hopefully I'll have lots to share with you guys.

I'm looking forward to the 4th of July Holiday and 4 days off from work. I have nothing special planned, except to take defensive driving (thanks FindingHeart). I don't want the stupid ass points to go against my license. I might do that on the video, sit outside in the sun with my laptop, you know, cuz a girls gotta get some sun! I might do some painting in the house too, but I haven't decided just yet. I'll work on getting some pictures posted for you guys.

Do any of you have big 4th of July plans?

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